Today, February 17, is our second anniversary and I would love to share with you how much wiser I’ve become since day one, and in some ways, I have, but in many ways, I am still learning. Just the other day I told a fellow wife that I was going to claim the title “newlywed” for as long as I can.  And so here I am, two years into my marriage, still seeking all the ways God wants me to grow as a wife.

I think that’s maybe the secret to why I feel so secure in my marriage though, because of the amount if grace I am given each and every day.  I fall short, make mistakes, misspeak, and overstep and yet somehow every single time I am forgiven.  Forgiven by my husband and by God.  To be on the receiving end of such grace helps me to keep trying. 

When I started writing about my marriage one of the biggest things on my heart was “give yourself some grace”.  Give yourself some grace to grow.  Give yourself some grace when you are not perfect.  Every day, just give yourself some grace. I wanted to be good at being my husband’s wife.  In all honesty, I wanted to be perfect at it.  But what I’ve found in these last two years is that I will never reach perfection and I will always need grace.

To have a husband who loves me the same way that Jesus does feels like a miracle. It amazes me that God could create such love and wrap me in it. 

If there is one thing I have learned, it’s that God is molding me as a wife with every new season and new circumstance we face in our marriage.  He is never done teaching me something new, and I need to be willing to learn.  In some ways, I pray I never lose that newlywed feeling.  Yes, the newlywed feeling of excitement and bliss.  But also, the newlywed feeling of needing God and having a desire to seek Him every day to continue to mold me.  The woman I was two years ago, desperate for His Word and His presence to overtake my heart as a wife, I pray she never changes.

It is that woman who has learned that she can be the wife Proverbs 31 describes, if she always fears the Lord.  It is that woman who has learned that submission is a good thing in a marriage.  It is that woman who has learned that something as simple as making breakfast can change the entire day. And it is that woman who has two years full of testimony of God’s goodness and grace for her marriage.

So wife, if you’re reading this and you’re two years in like me, or five years, or over twenty years, I pray you never lose the desire to serve God in your marriage.  I pray you never stop seeking Him and learning from His Word.  I pray you always feel His love and know His grace. I pray that I join you in that. Let us never stop being that newlywed woman who is eager to serve and willing to grow, keeping Jesus at the center always.

To my husband,

Thank you for choosing me to journey through life with.  Thank you for supporting me, loving me, forgiving me, and growing alongside me.  The last two years have certainly not been what we expected our marriage to be, but while the world seemed to be full of chaos, my heart always felt safe with you.  Thank you for loving me the way that Jesus does and for showing me His love through you every single day.  I will never stop praising God for the man He created you to be. 

I love you.

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