I wouldn’t call myself a writer by trade, but I do love a good pen and paper….or laptop keyboard. I best process my thoughts and emotions through writing and what started as a simple journal became something so much more. I found myself writing to you, the reader, the woman who is just like me, who doesn’t have it all figured out but is relying on God and community to grow.

I serve a loving God who is a wise counselor, who I turn to for guidance when I don’t have the answers. Through prayer, I felt a nudge that I am not the only one with the questions I’ve had or in the situations I’ve needed to find wisdom on. I don’t have all the answers, and truthfully never will, but I can share with you what God is doing in my marriage and what He has said in the best book you’ll ever read on marriage. (The Bible).

I am flawed and fall short, which is why I so desperately need God and His grace. I don’t pretend that my life is perfect because I am a Christian, rather I will be brutally honest that because I am a Christian life is hard. I have felt the enemy attack time and time again. The good news is, God is always more powerful than the enemy, and so much stronger than I am.

I pray this blog will lead you closer to God and make you want to know Him more. Selfishly, I pray this blog will also lead me closer to Him, help me understand Him better, and hold me accountable to spend more time in His Word while I spend more time in my writing.

Second to God in my life is my husband, Johnny. He’s my number two and I adore being his wife. I am still growing in that role and learning each day how to serve him well and honor God through my marriage. He gave me permission to write this blog.